FROST BITE - coming 10/10/2023 from Dark Matter INK.

In the winter of 1997, a crashed meteorite has just infected thousands of hibernating prairie dogs with an alien worms a small North Dakota town. Best friend Realene and Nate must fight to save the world from the creature's memory stealing bite.


THE DEAD SPOT: Stories of Lost Girls- coming 5/1/2024 from Dark Matter INK.

A sweet but heart-wrenching horror collection about women and girls trapped by circumstance, manipulation, and obsession.


Now Available:

CHOPPING SPREE, a Rewind or Die Novella from Unnerving Books is available in paperback, kindle and kindle unlimited on Amazon.


"This is a fun retro-inspired horror piece that does a really good job of capturing that 1980’s horror schlock." -Outlaw Poet (Goodreads)

"Are you a fan of '80s style slashers? How about '80s style slashers that take place in a mall? Do you like cults?? Are you an anti-fan of capitalism? Chopping Spree is surely the book for you, then. Fast-paced and full of campy bloody fun." - Jocelyn (Goodreads)

"I can’t be the only one vibing with horror taking place in a mall reminiscent of the 80s/90s (complete with the wishing fountain!). You know — Stranger Things, American Horror Story: 1984 & now Chopping Spree by Angela Sylvaine."- Becca (Goodreads)



Eden Hills, Minnesota is famous for one thing—its '80s inspired Fashion Mall. When high school junior, Penny, lands a job at one of its trendy stores, she notices her teen coworkers all wear a strange symbol they won’t explain. Suspicious but wanting to belong, she agrees to stay after closing for a party in the closed store. Her fun turns to terror when Penny discovers a mortally wounded boy and learns there is a killer loose in the mall. Soon the teens are running for their lives.
Will Penny discover the truth behind the mall cabal and survive to slay another day, or will she fall victim to the galleria of gore?