Hello, my lovely little spooksters. I am so excited to share with you my BIG NEWS.

My debut novel, FROST BITE, will be published by Dark Matter INK on 10/10/2023!

I am absolutely thrilled for the chance to work with Dark Matter INK and my incredible editor, Rob, to bring you my retro '90s sci-fi horror-comedy creation, which combines the creature comedy of Critters and the wintery small town heart of Fargo.

Frost Bite Deal Report

When Realene graduates class of 1997 from her North Dakota high school, she plans to escape the frigid cold and small-town jerks with the help of a college scholarship. After her mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she’s forced to surrender her scholarship and take a dead-end job at a gas station.

Her next hope for escape is a wish upon a star, but her futile wish seems doomed when the meteor streaking across the night sky crashes in the frozen field behind the trailer park where she and her mother live. Black sludge slithers from the alien rock and seeps into the ground, awakening the hibernating prairie dog colony and transforming the adorable animals into rabid beasts.

Will Realene and her best friend, Nate, be able to stop the creatures before they infect the town, or will they succumb to the frosty, memory-stealing bite of tiny teeth?

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