Coming 9.24.24- The rerelease of my YA mall slasher COPPING SPREE with all new chapters, characters, and more bodies hitting the floor!

Eden Hills, Minnesota is famous for two things: its lucrative, ‘80s-inspired fashion mall, and a missing-persons epidemic that has plagued the town’s youth and confounded officials for years. High school junior, Penny, has grown skeptical of the town’s official stance on the disappearances, but has so far kept that to herself. See, she just started her first-ever job at one of the mall’s trendiest stores and doesn’t want to sound like a conspiracy nut to her cool friends and the popular guy who might just help her get over the dream girl who broke her heart. But when a late-night party in the mall turns deadly, Penny won’t have the luxury of playing it cool. A killer is on the loose, and the dark history of Eden Hills is about to be revealed.

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The debut short story collection from Angela Sylvaine.

THE DEAD SPOT- A corner drenched in shadow. An earthquake’s epicenter. The part of a roller coaster ride where the car rounds the final curve and all force dissipates, leaving those trapped beneath the safety bar feeling sick and hollow.

A heartbreaking horror collection about girls and women trapped by circumstance, manipulation, and obsession. The book includes a moving introduction by J. A. W. McCarthy (Shirley Jackson Award finalist for Sometimes We're Cruel).

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