Tales from the Moonlit Path

"The Beautiful People," Tales from the Moonlit Path Halloween Issue. Available for free at Tales.

Join little Emmeline as she and her sister fight for a better life in a post-apocalyptic world.

False Faces Cover

"The Joining", False Faces Anthology. Available for purchase on Amazon.


Meg expects her first day to be filled with normal high school drama, but the appearance of white, porcelain masks in every locker are anything but normal.

My American Nightmare - High Resolution

"The Ballad of Sorrow and Lila," My American Nightmare. Available for purchase on Amazon.


When Lila moves in across the street, Sorrow finally finds a sliver of happiness. But who is Lila, and what do the mysterious marks on her body really mean?

Praise for "The Ballad of Sorrow and Lila" :

"I really, really loved The Ballad of Sorrow and Lila the most; it was such an incredible story!" Sarika Patkotwar, Book Blogger

"One of my favorite stories was the Ballad of Sorrow and Lila which shows the power of strong feelings and why a bully never wins." Goodreads review

Supernatural Horror Short Stories Cover

"The Bride," Supernatural Horror Short Stories. Purchase at Flame Tree Publishing and Amazon.


Even in death, lost love dooms some to forever covet the pure of heart.

Disturbed Digest 17

"The Blacklake Girls," Disturbed Digest. Available for purchase on Amazon and Alban Lake.


Sometimes those who are lost aren't meant to be found.

Broken Heart

"Be Mine," Every Day Fiction. Available at no cost at Every Day Fiction


Sometimes love hurts.